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Carnatic Music - Vocal - Basics

This series of lectures are to understand the very basic of carnatic music. It is meant for all those who are keen to know about the basics and understand the foundation of classical carnatic music. This will help in two ways. One, you will be able to appreciate the music when you hear next time, because of the enriched knowledge and second, you can start practising the techniques that will be demonstrated here, which will help you learn faster and sing perfectly.

The level of expected audience : Age - no limits!
Level - entry to recent starters

The speaker : The speaker is a passionate singer, who apart from just learning the classical carnatic music, has done considerable research and spent time to analyse the music in a scientific way, which has paved the way for a great knowledge source that is a unique combination.

Basics of Carnatic Music - web series recordings

The first session was held on 6-11-2021.

You can view the recording here :

The second session was held on 20-11-2021.

You can view the recording here :

The third session was held on 04-12-2021.

You can view the recording here :

The fourth session was held on 08-01-2022.

You can view the recording here :

The fifth session was held on 15-01-2022.

You can view the recording here :

Inauguration Events of The Kuyil Trust on 7th March 2021.